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Yuletide, DE-Bingo

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19.10 2014 | 11:41

I'm not going to participate in Yuletide this year. Over the past few years Yuletide has become a bit of a staple for me, so this winter is definitely going to feel strange and a little sad, too. But the thing is, my creativity is currently so firmly engrossed in Büttenwarder that I don't feel like being distracted by anything else and I probably wouldn't be able to do my recipient's request justice. I've also been doing stuff throughout the year so it's not like some years where Yuletide was almost my only fannish output.

On the plus side, I got myself a card from de-bingo again. I had a lot of fun with it last year, plus I get to choose the fandom(s). :D

Musik spielenHinter der FassadeErster Sex als PaarZahnschmerzenEltern
GestrandetSommer-sprossenKopf / Schläfen reibenSollte nicht funktionieren,tut es aberMagie
Charaktere als Kinder (Vergangenheit, AU, oder verjüngt)KichernJOKERLuxusAbenteuer
LeuchtturmDie Zeit wird knappFandomRomanze imBüro / am ArbeitsplatzBlind Date
GestankDie Ehe vollziehen / VereinigungFotos / FotoalbumZuckerwatteBräuche

I spot a couple of things I've already done: Blind Date, Musik spielen, Fotoalbum, Charaktere als Kinder. Hmm.

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(no subject)

from: liz_mo
date: 19.10 2014 16:10 (UTC)

Oooh. Going to miss you at Yuletide, but I completely understand. Have fun with the Bingo even if I don't join you in this fandom :)

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(no subject)

from: rebecca2525
date: 19.10 2014 20:39 (UTC)

Thanks! I'm still looking forward to reading the Yuletide collection on Christmas. Have fun, too!

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