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ebooks-tree reposting fanfic without permission

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13.4 2015 | 19:45

There's another site reposting fanfic without permission, this time pulling from AO3, wattpad and a couple of other sites:


I've found a couple my fics there. Linkage:

Here's a post with info

Here's a discussion on FFA

And the tumblr tag might be useful for finding further infos

EDIT: So while the PDF downloads are not free and ask you to log in, the mobi downloads work without login. (And look suspiciously like AO3's mobis.)

EDIT2: It starts to look more and more like a scam page going for credit card numbers and emails/passwords than a pirate site. Maybe fanfic is just collateral damage, since they've got loads of popular published works on there as well, which seems better-suited for the scamming thing. Whatever you do, don't use real email addresses with them, and only the pen name they already know, not your real name.

Another discussion here

And more about the scam behind the page

And another writeup by an AO3 staff member

EDIT 3: Apparently they've taken everything they got from AO3 down. \o/

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(no subject)

from: liz_mo
date: 14.4 2015 5:34 (UTC)

Oh that sucks! And for the first time I'm a victim. WTF? I'm not sure wether or not I should laugh or cry. Cry because now I have to deal with this,arghh, and laugh because what fic did they pull? One of the german ones and one of the least read.
Thank you SO much for the heads up! I'll steal your links for my own post later in the day.

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(no subject)

from: rebecca2525
date: 14.4 2015 6:52 (UTC)

After looking a bit more into it, I'm actually more amused than anything by this site. They seem to be scraping the entire internet for all "ebooks" they can find pretty much at random, using the most generic scrape bot possible. It's not just fanfic: they have popular published authors there as well, also scientific articles. Some books have the covers taken from Amazon and still have the "Search inside" labels on them. It seems more likely that the fanfic is only collateral damage and they're mainly angling for popular books, hoping to scam for credit card numbers and emails/password. Because even if "it's totally free" (the front page says so!), they still want your credit card for an account. Yeah, not suspicious AT ALL.

Re the scrapbed "ebooks", they don't seem to give a damn about popularity, language, or anything at all, and since you can't really browse this site to find stuff (except for using the search box), it all seems to be designed to pop up in as many google searches as possible. (But good luck trying to get hits via my Büttenwarder fic; I have to admit I'm feeling a bit of schadenfreude that they're probably more wasting their resources with that than anything.)

And their "recommendations" are hilarious, they're just searching for the same words of author/title in other author names and titles. Even though the front page promises "Outstanding eBook fractal index & regulary updates; Smart searching algorithms based on Upon-Request multithreading; Suitable intuitive catalogue structure allows to find the needed eBooks in 3 clicks". Yeah, lot's of techno-babble with nothing to back it up.

It seems like the web page equivalent of "I'm the heir of a rich king in south Africa" scam mails. Whatever you do, it's probably best not to use your real email when communicating with them.

Edited at 2015-04-14 07:09 am (UTC)

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