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ebooks-tree reposting fanfic without permission

There's another site reposting fanfic without permission, this time pulling from AO3, wattpad and a couple of other sites:

I've found a couple my fics there. Linkage:

Here's a post with info

Here's a discussion on FFA

And the tumblr tag might be useful for finding further infos

EDIT: So while the PDF downloads are not free and ask you to log in, the mobi downloads work without login. (And look suspiciously like AO3's mobis.)

EDIT2: It starts to look more and more like a scam page going for credit card numbers and emails/passwords than a pirate site. Maybe fanfic is just collateral damage, since they've got loads of popular published works on there as well, which seems better-suited for the scamming thing. Whatever you do, don't use real email addresses with them, and only the pen name they already know, not your real name.

Another discussion here

And more about the scam behind the page

And another writeup by an AO3 staff member

EDIT 3: Apparently they've taken everything they got from AO3 down. \o/

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