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ALS Icebucket Challenge - Fanworks edition

I got nominated by cricri to do the fanfic edition of the ALS icebucket challenge, which works the same as the regular icebucket challenge except you write a fic of characters doing the icebucket thing. I thought it would be in the spirit of the challenge to draw instead of write, so have Adsche & Brakelmann take the icebucket challenge:

No-one said how big the "bucket" is supposed to be, right? :D

I'm now supposed to nominate other people (along with fandoms and characters), but, uhm, of those who haven't been nominated already, I'm not sure who's actively producing fanworks, and in which fandoms, or who is even regularly around. I'd love to see a Cabin Pressure version, for example, and I'm looking in a particular direction, but how about anyone interested just does this for themselves, or lets me know so that I can officially nominate them, if the accountability helps getting things done? You're allowed to nominate other people once you've done this, and we're very generous with time limits. :)

German donation pages:
Ice Bucket Challange Deutsche Gesellschaft für Muskelkranke
Ice Bucket Challenge ALS-Ambulanz

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