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rebecca2525's Journal

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I started reading Star Trek (TOS) fan fiction back in 2000, basically as soon as I got internet access. Since then I've been dabbling in several fandoms. I wrote my first fic around 2003 in German and started writing in English in 2008. I'm not a very prolific writer though—as long as there is fic to read, my mind is just too lazy to come up with ideas of its own. Thus, when I write fic, it's mostly in those fandoms where I quickly run out of stories to read.

Fandoms that catch my interest are usually SciFi and Crime, sometimes Fantasy and Adventure. I tend to be a fannish butterfly—over the years I've accumulated a long list of fandoms that are all still dear to my heart. So, if you want to know what I like best look at my works and bookmarks. What I seek in fan fiction is mostly exploring of relationships (friendship, romance, often slash), and if it's intermingled with a case or other canon-typical plot, it's all the better. I also love humour of all kind.

You can find me on AO3, Dreamwidth and Tumblr. I'm mod of the Büttenwarder-Fans, an LJ comm for the TV show Neues aus Büttenwarder.

You have some concrit on my fics? By all means, go ahead, tell me! Of course, I'd prefer it if my stories were perfect and you'd write me long praising feedback, but I know that I'm far from perfect and I'd like to improve. I appreciate your opinion, even if I might need a few days to think about critical comments before replying.

You want to make podfic, prequels, sequels, remixes, art, ... of my work? Please do! As long as your work is not for profit, and as long as you credit me, you don't need to ask my permission. I'd be delighted to hear from you so that I can enjoy your work and maybe link to it, but it's not a requirement.

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